Bycatch Separator video
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The show takes approx. 3 minute.
This video shows 50/50 compination of shrimps and fish.The Bycatch Separator removes approx. 3500 peaces of fish per. minute (58 fish/sec.) This picture is taken on board the Icelandic M/V Holmadrangur ST-70 in july 1999.

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Bycatch Separator eliminate up to 90% of tiresome hand picking.

This should improve quality of catch.

This should facilitate and speed up the handling of the product.

This will facilitate fishing in areas where the shrimp is mixed with other types of marine animals.

The removal of fish from the shrimp to be processed will increse the yield in shrimp- peeling plants.

The removal of fish will prevent the processing-speed from being slowed down in shrimp- peeling plants.

The more products are handled by the sorter, the sooner the machine will pay for itself.

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